According to the court order. Movie Ticket Rate has been Reduced in Tamilnadu

Movie Ticket Rate has been Reduced

Movie Ticket Rate has been Reduced

The more the Tamil cinema budget is getting increased more the ticket price is also getting increased. As in this case, Multiplex cinema hall in Tamilnadu are charging Rs.120 per ticket.
As this ticket rate is more high for the movie fans, Movie Ticket Rate has been Reduced as per the court order. Hereafter ticket price had been fixed to Rs.85 in all the multiplexes.
For this the many many multiplex owners said that this fare will not work out for us though we have to and will follow as the it had been ordered by the court.

During a court hearing on 29th October 2015, Thursday, the High Court of Madras has reportedly ruled that the ticket rates for the films with entertainment tax benefit must be sold at lower prices. If a film enjoys 30% tax exemption, so must the viewers of that film.
Hence the Court has ruled that the Movie Ticket Rate has been Reduced with tax exemption must be cut by 30%. For instance, if the selling rate of a ticket in a theatre is Rs 120, it must Rs 84 for the film with the tax benefit hence forth. For this category of films, the theatres, as ordered, must print a special set of tickets with the apt price mentioned on it.