Actress Samantha mobbed in Madurai

Out of too much love for their favourite star, few over enthusiastic fans of Samantha tore apart the tyres of the Jaguar car she was travelling to ensure her presence for few more minutes. The Theri actress visited Madurai on Sunday afternoon to inaugurate the 32nd branch of Vcare and huge number of fans thronged the venue as the organizers advertised about the launch in the local newspapers and huge hoardings. After the launch, Samantha was carefully escorted to the SUV (arranged by the organizers) but fans wanted to see her for few more minutes and a group of them, went ahead and punctured the wheels. × Later, Samantha was escorted back to the terrace of the building and cops lathi-charged to disperse the crowd. After few minutes, a new car was arranged and the actress safely reached her hotel.