Amazing News About Thirunallaru

A True Story From Nasa!!!

It is about an unexplainable scientific observation from NASA (USA) about our Thirunallar temple of Saneeswara ! It is a true, unbelievable observation.

A few years ago US sent a satellite which kept revolving round our globe & whenever it crossed right above the spot of Thirunallaar ( East Coast Divine place of Tamil Nadu) it staggers, moves forward very slowly for a while ! NASA observed it and was puzzled! It is also said that during the SANI- PEYARCHCHI , a most sacred festival of the place, say once in 30 months , a very dense UV rays falls from the Space on the place ( it seems there is always a greater flow of UV rays compared to the quota received by

any other part of our earth at that place ; and during the said festival the density gets more!) No explanations from the Scientists. Just accept it as a miracle . It is not a fiction.