Ananda Harishchandra Throwing Paper Rockets in Western Provincial Council Sri Lanka

Various actors had come out of their luxury apartment houses and villa homes to help the stranded people of Chennai city. The people of Chennai had to leave their apartments and villas as they are all surrounded by huge flood water from the nearby dams. The city accounted for heavy rainfall and the residents of Chennai apartments are faced by an unprecedented situation. Previously news about the flood water entering the villages and destroying the huts are seen and more common to hear about. In the history of the nation, a popular city considered as the IT hub of the nation is flooded by rain water as the city accounted for heavy rainfall over the years.

Evidently, the people and the government is unprepared for the rainfall that reached its highest amount over the years and the apartments villa houses built in the lands where there were lakes once are all flooded and immersed in the rain water. The number of people entering the city has increased over the years and people finding jobs in the IT MNC Corporate companies have moved to the city. Since loans are easily processed for the IT Employees they are eager to get the apartments house for themselves and for the family.

This enticed the builders to construct more apartments and villa homes for the people who are in need. Also the first thing and IT employee wishes to do is get a own house for himself in the Chennai city which is a long term dream for one. Also they want to bring their parents to their apartment homes and make them stay with them so that they would not miss their parents and family members. Ananda Harishchandra Throwing Paper Rockets

The population influx is peaked up as the statistics shows and obviously the dry lands which were lakes had to be exploited to make apartment homes for the Chennai residents. Ananda Harishchandra Throwing Paper Rockets

அட பிக்காலி பயலே…. இலங்கை நாடாளுமன்றத்தில் எம்பி செய்த காரியத்தைப் பாருங்கள்! வீடியோ….