Baby girl tossed from car crash, narrowly escapes being run over by truck (VIDEO)

SHOCKING: Baby Falls On Road After Car Crash
Life is precious and every child is a miracle of creation. In the video, a family spirals out of control on a snowy Russian road then slams backwards to an upcoming truck with a few objects thrown out of the car. One of these was a one year old baby girl. Amazingly, she was not crushed by the truck that had just ran passed her. The dad then rushed out of the car to rescue the infant before the next heavy truck passes by. It was a close escape and this event will surely remain in the family’s memory for the rest of their lives. The mom then got out of the van and took all the stuff that flew out back into the car. Thankfully, it was reported that the child survived the incident.

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A year-old girl has survived after being ejected from her parents’ car when they spun out of control and crashed on a highway in Russia. The dashboard camera of a passing car captured the accident.
Baby girl tossed from car crash
The miraculous escape happened on the icy Moscow-Ufa highway. An SUV was trying to overtake, went into a spin and hit a truck in the oncoming lane. As the back window popped out in the crash, a one-year-old girl was thrown out of the vehicle together with much of her family’s belongings.

Once on the roadway and trying to crawl back to her car, the toddler barely escaped being run over by a passing truck. The driver of the truck risked going into spin as he swerved to avoid hitting the child. The following truck managed to stop and allow the parents rescue her.

The panicked parents jumped out of their crashed vehicle to remover the girl from the roadway.

The lucky toddler was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

Police say it was illegal to overtake on that section of the highway. Also, the girl was not in a baby seat, which would have stopped her from being ejected and made her trip safer. Shockingly, she wasn’t even secured in a regular seat, but lying on the rear deck of the car, seemingly in the hope she would sleep through a long inter-city journey. Baby girl tossed from car crash

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