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Shoplifting (also known in slang as boosting and five-finger discount) is a popular term used for the unnoticed theft of goods from an open retail establishment. Shoplifting typically involves a person concealing a store item on their person, in pockets or under clothes (or in a bag, baby stroller, etc.) and leaving the store without paying for it. With clothing, shoplifters may put on items from the store and leave the store wearing the clothes. The terms “shoplifting” and “shoplifter” are not usually defined in law. The crime of shoplifting generally falls under the legal classification of larceny. Shoplifting is distinct from burglary (theft by breaking into a closed store), robbery (stealing by threatening or engaging in violent behavior) or armed robbery (stealing by using a weapon). The word shrinkage, a retail industry term, is not a synonym for shoplifting, as it includes merchandise loss by means other than shoplifting, such as theft by store employees. Best women stealing videos from all over the world CCTV

Some people may not realize how serious shoplifting can be. What might seem like an innocent prank can actually affect a person’s future, including the chances of getting a job. Lots of teens find out the hard way that stores take shoplifting very seriously.

Shoplifters range from amateurs acting on impulse to career criminals who habitually engage in shoplifting as a form of income. Career criminals may use several individuals to shoplift, with some participants distracting store employees while another participant steals items. Amateurs typically steal products for personal use, while career criminals generally steal items to resell them in the underground economy. Other forms of shoplifting include swapping price labels of different items, return fraud or eating a grocery store’s food without paying for it. Commonly shoplifted items are those with a high price in proportion to their size, such as disposable razor blades, vitamins, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Retailers have reported that 0.6% of their inventory is lost to shoplifting. Best women stealing videos from all over the world CCTV

Many people assume that shoplifters have a mental disorder or that they must really need the items they are stealing in order to survive. But the truth is that’s not why most people steal. Very few people have kleptomania (a compulsive urge to steal), and many people who steal have enough money to pay for the items.

Someone might shoplift for many reasons. But there’s no way around the fact that shoplifting is stealing — and in most places there are heavy penalties for it, including being arrested and possibly charged with a crime. Best women stealing videos from all over the world CCTV

Stores use a number of strategies to reduce shoplifting, including storing small, expensive items in locked glass cases; chaining or otherwise attaching items to shelves or clothes racks (particularly expensive items); attaching magnetic or radio sensors or dyepacks to items; installing curved mirrors mounted above shelves or video cameras and video monitors, hiring plainclothes “store detectives” and security guards, and banning the bringing in of backpacks or other bags. Some stores have security guards at the exit, who search backpacks and bags and check receipts. Stores also combat shoplifting by training employees how to detect potential shoplifters Best women stealing videos from all over the world CCTV