Engineering Student Became Beggar For A Day To Find Out How Much They Earn & What He Found Out Is Shocking

Social experiments end up revealing the strangest things. A little while ago, IndiViral wanted to find out just how much money beggars in India actually end up making on a daily basis. To this end, they got a young BPO employee on board, strapped him up with a hidden camera and put a whole dollop of make-up to get him to look like a regular beggar. He then went around the streets asking for money from cars and the general public. Keep in mind that this is a guy who earns Rs. 15,000 a month.

What he found out was pretty surprising! Engineering Student Became Beggar

ஒரு Engineer ஒரே ஒரு நாள் பிச்சை எடுத்து, எவுளோ சம்பாதித்தான் என்று பாருங்கள்…….