People should be careful of what they take into their bodies… This is the irritating condition fake Coca-Cola products are being manufactured by scammers whose sole aim is to make excess poison from what they sell… This photos have gone viral since they were released online.. the location of the fake company is unknown

Police raided a factory in which made Coca Cola soda out of chemicals. The factor supplied Coca Cola products into the market with exact logos and bottles of the official Coca Cola company.

The raid revealed the harmful chemicals used in the making of the product and the terrible unhygienic conditions of the factory. It’s unknown how much product was distributed by the company but the raid revealed the factory had high output. The fake coke has made many people angry as it’s very highly consumed.

You should know how this fake coke is made so you don’t put your life or the lives of your loved ones in danger. Not that coke is a good thing to consume, even otherwise, but a fake one, I’m sure, is much worse. Here’s how it is made:

First, water is “purified”:

Since water is THE most basic ingredient for coke, here’s how this desi version is made in the fake manufacturing facilities:

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One rather optimistic fellow saw the positive in this situation:


Other ingredients to the Coke are also added:

All those flavors like high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid that coke already has might put you off even more seeing how the fake factories’ ingredients look like:


And yes, there is that color too that makes coke all dark and mysterious:


Once mixed, all of it is then brewed to perfection:


Oh yeah, that’s your coke being cooked.


The bottles to be filled await the concoction:

Once that “mixture” is ready, it is put into original bottles that are bought from trash sellers and stored like this while the drink is manufactured:




And then the filling begins:


Notice that “pump” to the left of the photograph above.


When ready, the bottles are labelled and packed into containers:

11219222_1190576984289455_7030169375830846140_n 12002843_1190577497622737_8279428613964071834_n

Using Pepsi crates to store Coke drinks? There couldn’t have been a bigger crime!


Don’t worry, if you don’t drink coke

There are other beverages that are made at these fake factories, as well. Maybe your drink of choice is a Sprite?


Meet the chef:

The folks over at the DCO’s office in Gujranwala conducted a raid on a couple of factories last week and arrested some of the workers.


You need to be aware of what you’re putting into your bodies. And thanks to the Punjab Food Authority in Lahore, departments in other cities of the country have started showing some activity as well, even if it is for Facebook publicity, at least we’re getting our health out of all this.

Just, one thing, though…

This is still unexplained:

We can’t figure out what these boxes are for and we’re definitely not looking forward to the answer.


Well, here’s hoping that at least this Metro agarbatti is for use as an “air freshener” in the factory and not an ingredient in the coke.