Gangster Daughter Marriage

If your father is a prominent gangster, then your wedding definitely cannot be too shabby.

Viral photos circulating on Facebook show what is apparently a gangster’s daughter getting married in Bihar, India.

The lavish affair — which involves loads of gold, cash and even guns — has attracted many sentiments of ‘OMG’ from netizens.

Check out the Video for a glimpse into what goes on at such a wedding.

Such families in Bihar have continued to snatch men–often young boys–because it is easier than approaching the boys’ families and cheaper than paying the standard dowry. Kamta Singh, chairman of a primary agriculture credit society in Rampur, Nawada, claims that almost 90 per cent marriages in the villages have been solemnised by kidnapping a bridegroom.

The abduction of boys for marriage has taken shape with the passage of time because of a slew of social evils like dowry. It is invariably the bride’s family that carries the material load of arranging marriages. It becomes such a burden that it often leads to “de-valuation” of girls in traditional societies like one that Bihar has. Since marriages have become a money-minting enterprise for parents of boys, many families have adopted desperate measures like abducting a bridegroom because they cannot arrange a decent dowry for their daughter’s marriage.