Girl Reaction when she is Caught after Stealing Something

In the mind of the shoplifter, stealing seems so easy. You may have done it once or twice and gotten away with it. This may go without saying, but clearly the more times someone has shoplifted, the more at risk they are to do it again. Most people “figure it out” pretty quickly and stop on their own. If a teen girl has stolen several times and, whether caught or not, there are three primary forces at work which make it difficult to stop; greed, excitement and habit. If you are having trouble stopping, you would do well to deal with all three of these forces.

First, greed; the free item. Greed draws us to getting and taking free stuff. It helps if you look at the “free item” and determine if it was really “free.” Actually, there are many prices to pay when you have a stolen item. Don’t take my word for it, challenge me! Clearly, the fact that you have stolen is something you will know and remember for the rest of your life. Do you really want to carry that kind of baggage around? Hopefully, after the excitement wears off and you aren’t trying to laugh about having stolen anymore, you will realize there is a very personal price to pay in gilt, remorse, self esteem, pride and character. If you are religious, then it would probably be smart to recognize that there are only ten big rules for you to follow and the 8 th one is all about stealing. If you are caught stealing, the added “price” of this free item is the lost of trust from the people you love and care about. Even if your friends laugh with you about it, what are they really thinking? Do they “really” think it’s cool? You should realize that there are many juveniles and adults who had to take their time to go to court, do community service work, pay penalties and who are serving time in detention or jail for having stolen. Add up all of the time it takes from you and you will quickly see that the item wasn’t really “free”. Maybe the biggest price to pay comes from how it affects your life. Let’s face it, we all want to be happy and to live a positive upbeat life. Shoplifting is a negative event. Shoplifting results in negative self talk, a negative self image and negative social, family and legal interactions. We all want, and love to get, stuff free. The price we pay for this kind of greed is, indeed, very high. Just think about it. Girl Reaction when she is Caught after Stealing Something

Second, the excitement – breaking the rules, doing that which is taboo. Okay, life gets boring now and then. Teens in particular seek out fun, excitement and adventure. Stealing is one way to bring some form of excitement into your life. But, if you are seriously wanting to stop stealing then it is incredibly easy to find other ways to replace stealing with more positive and just as exciting alternatives. Tried rock climbing lately? Ever tried snowboarding? Want to get you heart pumping? Try sports! There is no question in my mind that we are all gifted at something. The trick is to search until you find it. Music? Video games? After school activities, chess, bicycling, become a big sister to someone who needs you. Finding excitement is only limited by your imagination. Heck, you can find some pretty exciting books that can overcome any sense of bordom! Girl Reaction when she is Caught after Stealing Something

Thirdly stealing can become a habit; not just a stealing habit but also a thinking habit. I have worked with thousands of shoplifters and the one thing I know for sure is that those who can say they have stolen many times in their past, they will always say that “thinking about stealing” has become a part of their day. What I have learned is that allowing yourself to think about stealing (whether you are in a place you could steal or not) is poisonous. I tell the teens I work with that if they are willing to allow themselves to think about stealing something, they are “dancing with the devil.” My entire staff are instructed to give only one piece of advice to people who steal; and here it is, “If . . . you want to STOP stealing . then you MUST . STOP allowing yourself to think about it. Girl Reaction when she is Caught after Stealing Something

For most of us, having the though of stealing something cross our mind would be horrifying and create a huge negative emotional reaction. For the person who has stolen a few times they become numb to how wrong that kind of thinking is. They entertain the thought of stealing. If you are serious about wanting to stop stealing, then you need to regain that huge negative emotional reaction to the thought of it. Yes, it is true that many (if not most) people have thought about stealing. But, the point is not that the thought crossed their mind; the point is all about how we respond to those thoughts. There is a clear difference between a shoplifter and someone who doesn’t steal. The person who has stolen several times has forgotten how abnormal that kind of thinking is. The shoplifter allows herself to think about stealing – to have the thought of stealing cross her mind. The person who doesn’t steal quickly and naturally self punishes those thoughts. Yes, the stealing behavior is what was wrong, but thinking about stealing is what needs to change if you really want to stop. Girl Reaction when she is Caught after Stealing Something