How To Recover Gold From Cell Phone Sim Card

With the rising prices of GOLD now is the time to recover it. This is information a lot of people don’t want you to know. I will tell you how to remove the gold plate and as an added bonus. I will tell you some items that have gold plate.
This is a very easy process to follow and do. My process DOES NOT dissolve the gold which then has to be recovered with very dangerous chemicals. My method just makes the gold plate fall off. You will be getting a list of items that contain gold plate as a bonus, and another list of step by step instructions of how to remove gold plate.

This can be done without the dangerous acid known as Aqua Regia/ Nitric Acid which dissolves the gold then has to be recovered. A lot of people throw gold away every day and don’t even know that they did it. My bonus list of items that have gold plate will list some items you did not even know had gold plate on them. With the price of gold at $1,600+ an ounce it does not take much gold to get that amount of money. Gold is 19 times heavier than water. If you are wondering why to choose to buy my information Well…………

MY METHOD WORKS. See my feedback for proof this works. Also look at the pictures to see this works.This is chemicals you can get at your local store for not much money at all. Again you are buying info only, Thanks for looking and have a great day.


Computer boards (for example: motherboards, processors, memory/ram fingers and connector pins).
Cellphone (sim cards, memory boards, battery terminal) all these items have some amount of gold plate.
Printer/copier cartridges.

Some parts inside of printer have some amount of gold.
Plasma/LCD flatscreen TV’s have some amount of gold on the board.
Old console game cartridges (Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Atari, Sega) have gold plate on the fingers.


The items you will need to remove gold plate are:
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in the first-aid section of your drug store or discount store.

1 bottle of Klean Strip safer Muriatic acid, which can be found at a hardware store or at a discount department store. (This is safer than your standard Muriatic acid. It is 90% lower fumes than standard Muriatic acid.) This chemical has multiple uses. One of its main uses is for cleaning concrete. I buy it in a gallon size at Wal-Mart in the paint department with the acetones and thinners, etc.
Always wear safety goggles and protective gloves.

The process of removing gold plate:
Step 1: in a glass or plastic container (never use a metal container because the acid will eat through the metal), mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part muriatic acid. (For example, if you are using 2 cups peroxide use 1 cup muriatic acid, but you can use any measurement amount you want as long as you use the same proportions.)

Step 2: place your gold plated items into the container with the acid/peroxide mixture. Make sure all pieces are completely submerged in the liquid.

Step 3: put container in a well-ventilated area for a minimum of 2 days. Stir contents about every 12 hours (to make sure everything soaks thoroughly and stirring also helps speed up the gold removal process).

Step 4: after 2 days, look to see if the gold plate has fallen off. Your solution will be dark green color if you have soaked computer ram/memory pieces. You will see the gold plate in your solution floating around. If you notice that some of the gold plate is still on the end of the ram/memory pieces, you can simply rub it off with your fingertip or you can soak for another day and stir again in another 12 hours.

Step 5: How to separate the gold from your solution: You will need an old tee shirt and a large bucket. Place the shirt on the top of the bucket. Then use clothes pins to hold the shirt in place over the opening of the bucket. You will be using the shirt to filter out the gold plate from the solution. Pour the solution into the bucket with the tee shirt over the opening. All of the gold plate will stay on the shirt and the solution will fall through.