I Never Seen A Dumbest Girl Like This In Bangalore. LOL, Beauty With No Brain

Teenage girls alone in the villa houses spend more time in the internet in the separate room allocated for them in 3bh flats. Also this paves way for a open threat which is neglected by the parents. We show such an incident happening in the 3 bhk apartments where the son and daughter is given separate rooms for their privacy. People living in the flat system houses in the city should watch the clip and make sure this does not happen in their won lives. See how crazy these teen people in the apartment flats are behaving in this article.

Shanthi is a college going girl and she has a elder brother who has finished his graduation and searching for a job appropriate for his interest and studies. Their parents are so understanding and provided all comforts to their kids and also gave separate rooms for them in the 3 bhk apartments they bought. The parents stayed in their room and Shanthi in her and also they provided the computer and internet facility for studying purpose for both the children.

But what happened in their apartment rooms is weird and different from what parents had thought. Shanthi rather than concentrating in her studies , started chatting with many strangers in several websites. Also she had no one to supervise her activities which gave her more freedom to do whatever she wished for in her separate room in the 3 bhk flats. Shanthi’s brother Charan who was in search of a career, also engrossed in the social networking websites and chatted with many girls.

But their parents thought their kids are so much hard working and dedicated towards their studies and career search. Even if separate rooms are allocated for the kids in the apartments , parents should keep an eye on their activities. If not , something strange like this might definitely happen in your own houses too.