Indian Girls Bike stunt

They say, never judge a book by its cover. The same holds true for Anam Hashim. The pretty girl-next-door is just another bubbly college girl in her normal attire, but give her a motorbike and she’ll give any guy a run for his money. At 18, Anam is India’s youngest female stunt biker and her admirers include none other than India’s Cricket captain MS Dhoni. Indian Girls Bike stunt

We catch up with pretty lady to know more about her stunt biking exploits.
Anam, what’s your stunt biking avatar called?
My full name is Anam Hashim but in the biking circle they call me Anam Stunts.

What’s your current ride?
I’m currently riding an Apache RTR 180.
Tell us something about your group.
I’m a part of this group called RSA aka Rubber Smoking Angels. It’s a Pune-based group. There are three of us in the group right now, but I’m the only girl.

Which is your favourite bike for doing stunts?
My current bike – Apache 180 is just perfect for me right. Having said that, I’d love to own a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) someday and do stunts on it.
What would we find in your dream garage?
Honda Fireblade
Yamaha R6
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636)

The motorcycle stunt scene in India may be in the shadows for most part, but it has always been very active. There are a few responsible riders, who, with regular practice, deliver quite a performance when called upon. We speak to India’s youngest bike stunt girl, Anam Hashim, who rides with the Rubber Smokin Angels. Just six months ago, she could not legally ride a motorcycle, but now, in the couple of months she’s been on the scene, she has clinched a Freestyle Biker of the Year award Indian Girls Bike stunt

Which has been the most difficult stunt to attempt for you?
In the beginning, doing the highchair wheelie was really difficult for me since your hands are in front and your weight is also in the front, and you’re also trying to lift the front. It took a while for me before I could perfect it; but now, I’m pretty comfortable doing it.
Is there anything different women bikers need to keep in mind while doing stunts or are they all the same?
Being girls, our hands are much softer. Hence, when you do wheelies 2-3 times, you get blisters on your hand. Even when we fall, due to the lack of muscles, we get hurt a lot more easily. We’re a lot more prone to cuts and bruises than guys are.

Anam Hashim (AH): As a kid, I used to sit on the tank and take over control of the motorcycle from my father. Having control over the clutch, accelerator and the brakes – even when your feet are far from the ground – go a long way in getting one accustomed to a motorcycle and how it works. I was always interested in riding. It all started as a child. My father and I have been going to Nepal every year for the past eight years. I go with my father on one bike. My legs have only just started reaching the ground. This year I couldn’t make the ride, though. Indian Girls Bike stunt

How difficult it is for someone like yourself who’s not too muscular or huge, to handle the bike?
Only time when my size pose an issue is when I fall. Like I said before, in case of a crash, being a thin person, I get injured a lot more easily.
Now that I’m 18, I’m soon planning to join the gym to gain muscles and upper body strength. Earlier, the gyms didn’t accept me since I was a minor, now that I’m 18, I can work out in the gyms with trainers. But for now, besides the usual stretches, I run a lot in order to increase my stamina.
Any do’s & dont’s for a thin person for stunt riding?
Nothing like that. Just go ahead and go it. If you have it in you, irrespective of whether you’re tall or thin, you’d still be able to perform stunts equally well.

BI: And when did the stunting commence? How did you start off?

AH: When I was 16, I did my first stunt, a ‘Christ’ on a Honda Activa on the 21st of July 2011. Yes, I remember the date! As far as I remember, no one has ever attempted it on an automatic scooter. I was happy to have tried and successfully done something different. I realised my balance with the bike was good, so I decided to explore how much more I could do by standing up on it. The first bike I started stunting on was a friend’s R15. Very easy for stoppies, considering how much I weigh.

What’s the best compliment that you’ve received till date?
Just two days ago when I was at an event with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he complimented me saying that the stunts that I do, even he can’t do. That’s probably the best compliment I’ve received till date.
What’s the worst criticism that you’ve ever heard?
I’m my own biggest critic. Most of the people in the industry as well as the fans, nobody criticize, they all appreciate me. But I set high standards for myself and hence, when I see more experienced stunt bikers, I start critiquing myself for not knowing these stunts despite being totally aware of the fact that I’m a lot less experienced.

Over the past few months, team RSA helped me a lot. They have nurtured and developed many young talents. I did shows with them and got money, which I invested in my bike. I had a Honda Stunner in Lucknow, which I used to ride when I was at school, in the 10th standard. My mother thought that being in my school uniform, I wouldn’t bunk classes and go stunting, but I did! Later on, I got a gig in Kanpur with the MTV Stunt Mania guys. I got paid an amount enough to go and finally get my Apache. Indian Girls Bike stunt

Do you face issues while finding the right gear of your size?
Leah Peterson has always been my idiol. I would always try to colour my helmet and style myself like her. For this very reason I contacted people at Icon Motorcycle Gear and asked them when they’d be available in India. They had already heard of me and asked me to give them a list of things that I required. I did that and they sent everything without charging a penny. And since then they’ve been sponsoring me and supporting me with regards to all my riding gear. I’m very fortunate to have them as my sponsor.

Having said that, yes, before I got associated with Icon, it was pretty difficult for me to find riding gear of my size. I couldn’t even find the right fit for something as simple as riding gloves.
What does being India’s Youngest Female Stunt Biker mean to you?
It feels amazing. Whenever someone addresses me as ‘India’s Youngest Female Stunt Biker’, at an event or anywhere, I feel really happy.
Are you planning to start a professional course for female riders?
I wouldn’t mind but most girls whom I meet are not committed enough. Very often, many girls ask me to teach them, I ask them to join me at my daily practice, they come there for a couple of days and then they run away. Nobody is willing to do the hard work for longer duration. If I find any girl who’s dedicated and passionate enough, I’d love to teach her. Indian Girls Bike stunt

BI: Well, your Apache is something we need to know more about, so tell us about it.

AH: My bike has been heavily customised. Only the engine work has been done in Bengaluru. I met the guy at my stunt show earlier in March, at the Indian Women Bikers’ Weekend. He would only modify Bullets earlier, but said he could do up my bike as well. I told him I didn’t have a single penny to invest in my bike at the time, and that my stunts were on hold because of that. He then said he would sponsor me and called me to Bengaluru after the ride, in May. He made a handbrake setup, but it wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped, because the callipers and pads were worn. The 180-cc Apache engine has undergone a bore job and is now supposedly 220 cc. It runs a larger piston and new parts, which are not stock. Even I don’t know the exact specifications of what is in there. It also runs a larger carburettor from a 220.

If someone has to start stunt biking, how do they go about it?
Safety is the most important thing. You need to ensure you have the right protective gear.
Also, one needs to make sure that they have a safe place to practice the stunts. It’s not advisable to do the stunts on the open roads. Find an empty parking lot or a dead-end road with zero traffic to do the stunts.
Make sure your bike is protected too. Even before you do your first stunt, install the crash guard on your bike. It’s not a question of “if” but “when” you’ll crash.
The first stunt that a newbie should learn?

I don’t really know. It varies from person to person. If you’re muscular, you might be more comfortable starting out with a ‘Stoppie’ but in case you’re thin like me, you might want to try your hand at a ‘Wheelie’ or a ‘Christ.’
Like, when I first started, I did a Christ on my Activa. Indian Girls Bike stunt

Funniest/weirdest/most unusual experience while doing stunt?
I was doing a circular wheelie and my hand slipped, my collar bone hit the key and broke it; the bike took two full circles before crashing down. That was one of the funniest and weirdest things I had ever experienced.

What are you future plans?
If XDL comes to India this year then I’d practice for that. I’d even like to participate in XDL international, someday. If not, there are many other events in which I’d like to participate in future like the stunt biking event in Indonesia.

BI: What’s your preferred bike for stunting? What would you love to have later?

AH: Technically, the Bajaj Pulsar is the best bike for stunting, the old Pulsar 220 or the Pulsar 200, but I didn’t choose either of them because they’re too heavy for me right now. Getting them to lift takes all of my strength, and I cannot afford to crash astride one of them. I started with the Apache RTR180. Even though it’s not very balanced, we worked on it, put new tyres. I’ll change the sprocket soon. But now, after riding on the Apache, I feel I can manage any Indian or imported bike. My favourite is the Ninja 636. It motivates me. I hope I get one down the line. Indian Girls Bike stunt

BI: So, what does the future hold in store for you?

AH: Stuntech, our stunt parts company, is up and running already. We have registered it and just need a website designer. We should be live in January 2014. We’ve already worked on 10 to 15 bikes in Pune. We offer free shipping all over India. For now (laughs). I’m looking for sponsors too. I want to go and participate in international stunt shows, like the ones in Indonesia or Los Angeles. Indian Girls Bike stunt