Dosti Planet North Lovers Romance inside ATM – People Thought They getting cold air But They are Hot

The boys should stop cheating the apartment girls and those living in the villa homes for their own benefits. The guys in the city see the girls who are rich and from 3 bhk apartments homes and individual villas. These girls from the affluent family are targeted by the guys in the city so that they can loot the money and afford a luxury life with these girls. The teenage girls are easily distracted from their studies these days and chat with the friends and strangers all day and night in their rooms given in the 4 bhk apartments houses. The parents who are busy working in the office and earning money to get more properties and villa homes have no idea what their daughter is upto in their own houses.

When the teenage girls are not given the proper attention they deserve, these girls start to look for the care and affection from the outside people. The guys who study with them or who made friends with them in the social media sites exploit the situation of these rich luxury girls who have no one to shower love on them. The guys get close with the girls and get them to do whatever they ask for. Dosti Planet North

The parents should allocate some time for the children and in the families where both the parents are working, hardly do they spend time to see the activities of their kids and teenage daughters. It is necessary that someone keeps a leash on the girls and restrict them from going to late night parties in the beach house villas and clubs. Some one has to ground them and teach the good habits and moral values and how danger it is to be roaming outside in the late night in the city. Dosti Planet North

Else these city guys will easily deceive the girls living in the luxury 3/4 bhk apartments houses in the name of Love. Dosti Planet North

வெளிய வெயில் ஜாஸ்தியா இருபதால் எதிஎம் இல் குளிர் காத்து வாங்குராங்கனு வாட்ச்மன் நெனச்சது தப்பபோசி…. ..இந்த காதல் ஜோடி எதிஎம் இல் செய்யாத காரியத்தை நீங்களே பாருங்கள்…