New generation Indian girls in bus

The young girl, who came with her two other relatives, murmured something to them which spontaneously sparked a fellow male passenger. Curiously looking at why this guy was provoked, I saw a guy in a full khaki uniform standing behind that young girl who said to that girl “If you do not want to be even accidentally rubbed or touched, you should choose other means of transport. Blame it on the bus and the bus driver.” Her relatives now became wary of the girl’s concern and discomfort and tried to protect her from any further abuse. But in a crowded bus like this and in such a humid condition, they were seemingly helpless excepting to start a bit of gossip to give her some company. But I could see that the girl was not paying even an iota of attention to any of the gossips because she was being constantly abused by the man in khaki under the excuse of the bus journey.

Meantime, the girl in the green dress was turning her head sideways (both sides) to see who was disturbing her from the back side. Well, I guess she was not shocked to see a male standing behind her. I was shocked to realize that this pious man was rubbing her from the back under the same excuse of the bus journey. Having a slight height advantage, I was watching both the abusing incidents unfolding in front of my eyes. This pious man was literally not bothered about the disgusting facial expressions given by the girl in green dress but on the contrary was constantly moving back and forth making the best use of opportunity. Abuse of the girl in pink dress and the girl in green was increasing right through the journey and both seemed victimized. Every attempt for the girls to move away from the situation was in vain because of the crowd. Well, the reality is that if not for the khaki and the pious guy, someone else would continue the abuse as a relay.

The girl in pink dress uttered a sentence loudly enough for the majority of us to hear. In her verbatim, she said “I did not know that such filthy things happen in a bus ride in Chennai. Does the conductor have any control of the situation or no?” This indirectly revealed that she was a stranger to the Chennai city and she of course fervently promised that never ever she would get on a bus in Chennai again. I also heard her saying that never in her district of Coimbatore this kind of abuse would be permitted or even tolerated by anyone. She thoroughly regretted not using an auto rickshaw to travel to her destination. Panning my eyes in the front, the girl in green was turning red all over but surprisingly remained silent because any agitation from her side might tarnish her image and call for a unhealthy exchange of words which most of the girls or ladies abstain from indulging in.