Pay Attention To Sunny Leone Important Message

To get to know about Sunny’s message for you.

Sunny is asking…

How many times have you noticed an auto-rickshaw wala ogling at your assets?
I think you don’t have a count. Isn’t it?

Have you ever noticed a guy in your neighborhood, trying out to check out your breasts?
The answer is probably, yes!

Did any of your colleague found it difficult to focus on your face while interacting, because his eyeballs were more inclined towards your breasts?
Be genuine in your replies.

Do you encounter the liftman, who usually promises to look after the lift in your residential society but ends up breaking it? So that you can visit him again, and he could check you with an uncomfortable gaze.
“If the answer is yes, then it’s high time girls,” feels Sunny.

Sunny wants you to be aware and make a move. Didn’t you get her point yet?

To notice and examine their own breasts regularly, so as to avoid and fight ‘Breast Cancer’ because a female’s body is highly prone to it.
Sunny says, “If we women paid as much attention to our breasts as men do, breast cancer cases would reduce to half. 60% of breast cancer cases in India are diagnosed at stages 3 and 4. Self-examination at home means early detection. It just takes 2-minutes.”
Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy. A two-minute test at home, can save your life.

She requests you by saying, “Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy. A two-minute test at home can save your life.”
So join Sunny in this breast awareness campaign and disseminate her message #DetectToDefeat to each and every woman in the society.