Poonam pandey interview with very hot Dress – Shocking Video

Poonam Pandey steals the show at Kunal Ganjawala’s music launch. Clad in a blue dress that threatened to slip off her well-endowed bust any moment, Poonam Pandey enjoyed the eye-popping ogles and ceaseless strobe lights of shutterbugs at the event.

What’s your family’s take on your bold image and the fact that you are debuting in Bollywood with Nasha?
My mom is happy about the fact that I’m doing Nasha. However, she does have a problem with my Twitter updates, especially with the pictures that I post.
Nasha will certainly be A-rated. Do you think the censor board will object to any scenes?
I don’t think there is anything in Nasha for the censor board to object. It’s not a porn film. It’s a beautifully written story, with good performances.

What addiction are we going to witness in Nasha?
It’s an addiction of love… an addiction so strong that when someone craves for someone so much, he doesn’t mind crossing lines. He/she can stoop to any level to get their object of desire. It’s basically ‘pagalpanti’.
Do you have any personal addictions?
I love to click my own pictures, be it while eating, be it in the bathroom. My addiction is Poonam Pandey. I love clicking myself.

Do you see your career changing after Nasha?
Yes, of course! Honestly speaking, I had no idea about my acting skills, but when I saw myself on screen, I felt like I can do it. Now I have that confidence.
What’s the sort of work you would like to do?
I really don’t want to run behind trees with superstars. I won’t say I will do only bold roles. I would like to try out different things to discover what all I am capable of.
What sort of men do you like?

When I was in school, I proposed to a guy and he in turn went and complained to the teacher. So since then I have been wary of men. But I like guys with a good sense of humour. He need not necessarily be a hunk.
How would you describe a healthy man-woman relationship?
I don’t think in a healthy relationship everything needs to be perfect. There needs to be some silliness in a relationship. It needs to be true, honest and transparent. It would be so boring to be in a perfect relationship where your partner is perfect. There should be some spice to it.
How do you maintain your figure?

I eat a lot of junk food. I love pizzas and burgers. I eat everything, but luckily God is kind. I also do yoga and meditation. But that’s it. I hardly go to the gym. I’m a complete foodie.
Do you feel the pressure to always dress sexily or do you sometimes step out in a loose tee and tracks?
Of late it’s so hot, so I prefer less clothes. I love to wear sexy clothes as I love to pose. I love to look at myself in the mirror.

If India had not won the World Cup, would you have been disappointed because you wouldn’t have been able to fulfil your promise of going nude?
More than not being able to go nude, what would have saddened me more was that India lost. There were so many people who were praying for the World Cup, just like me.