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a chennai based web infrastructure provider, has announced that XMAILTrac2011 a new version of their flagship mail tracking software has been released. A press release said XMailTrac2011 is an enterprise version of email tracking and compliance solution which allows keeping track of mails that are sent or received in a domain name.It also performs a crucial function of mail which is very vital for regulatory compliance. Key advantage of XMAILTrac2011 is that, it can track mails of users in a domain name even if they are spread across continents.

XMAILTrac has been used by many blue chip companies in India and abroad the release said, adding;’It has key functions such as mail tracking, archiving, business rules for mail delivery and digital rights management. XmailTrac2011 is now deployed in YBOX cloud instances. It is available in shared as well as dedicated hosting environment. XMAILTrac is a fully managed solution and hence there is no IT expertise required at the customer’s end.’

SiliconHouse.Net has been providing eneterprise mail tracking solutions since 1998. XMAILTrac2011 runs on YBOX cloud servers in a fully automated virutal datacenters spread over the US, UK, Canada and India allowing stable and reliable mail tracking and archival services at zero risk

An upgraded version of XMAIL Trac ™ [ Mail tracking software ] has been released. XMAIL Trac ™ 2011 has three vital functions such as mail tracking, corporate compliance, message rules. Due to a number of regulations and need for operational transparency, organizations are increasingly adopting the use of consolidated and harmonized sets of compliance controls. This approach is used to ensure that all necessary governance requirements can be met without the unnecessary duplication of effort and activity from resources. XMAIL Trac ™ tracks and archives mails at the network level. There is no need for manual intervention to monitor the tracking. Since tracking is achieved at network level, tampering is impossible, according to a release.

Chennai based web infrastructure provider Silicon House has launched fully managed YBOX Servers and YBOX Cloud Servers. According to release, YBOX Servers are fully managed and hence enterprises need not spend on IT infrastructure for mail servers, web servers etc., requiring little or no admin skill.

The YBOX environment comes with applications such as YBOX Shield, Intrusion Detection System, XMAIL Trac, YBOX Super Reseller Suite, SMS Gateways, Video Conferencing Suite, Media Streaming Suite for running online FM and Web Televisions.

Over 3 Lakh customers across 36 countries use these type of applications. The company is planning to host a million sites this financial year, adds release.

” YBOX environment is now available for mail servers, media streaming and enterprise application hosting. The YBOX servers run in a fully automated virtual datacenters spread over the US, UK, Canada and India allowing Silicon House to provide stable and reliable hosting services at zero risk ” said Mr.V.Suresh Kumar, CTO, Silicon House.

He further said ” Our master control facility in Chennai monitors key parameters of our virtual data centers such VLAN, Server environment and Network continuously with over 300 samples of data taken at any given working time.

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