Solvathellam Unmai Season 2 Ashvita Hyderabad Apartments

Girls are spending their time in the gyms built inside the apartments house community to get shape and be healthy. The teenagers are more concerned about the health and spend their idle time in the apartments house by going to gyms and swimming pools. The builders are providing amenities such as Parks, pools, theatres, gyms, shops inside the gated community so that the apartment residents do not have to go out and get the daily things they are in need of . It saves the time for the people in this ever running world, and also the people now choose to stay in the gated apartments community that has all these amenities.

Recently, a news shocked the apartments houses residents that happened in the gym constructed within the community. Now a lot of teen girls are interested to get into fashion and cinema field and to achieve that they have to be fair in and outside. The extra weight they have cannot be reduced by applying the creams in the apartments houses and they have to get out and work out. The Chennai girls in the apartments formed a gang who had similar interest and started to run, jog and spend time in the parks and gyms inside the gated community.

The person who runs the gym is appointed by the apartment houses committee and after a long discussion, made Rajiv the maintenance head in the apartments gym. The girls started spending more time in the gym as they really wanted to enter the cine or fashion field. Since they had also contacts in the fashion and modelling industry all they wanted to do right now is get in shape to be able to ramp walk and attract the judges.

The Maintenance guy Rajiv took advantage of the situation and started misbehaving with the girls when they are alone in the apartments houses gym. The real footage of what happened for the apartment houses girls is recorded and shown to the committee members and expelled him at once.

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