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Sri Divya remains very much the girl-next-door, and that trait is something that has helped her pull it off successfully in films as well.Four of her films are hits, and she is gearing up for her next, the Tamil remake of the hi Malayalam film Bangalore Days (Bangalore Natkal in Tamil). “Initially , I was not even interested in signing on this film. I thought there will be endless comparisons between me and Nazriya, who essayed the role I will be playing, in the original,” says Sri Divya.” So what convinced her? “Bhaskar (the director) sir’ s narration impressed me, and he said that though Nazriya’s performance has won many hearts and kudos to her, I must take this up as a challenge and see what I can bring to the table. It was then I realised that it’s a rare occurrence in our film world – getting a good character role which gives the heroines a wide scope to display their acting talents.”

So, has she watched the original, yet?”Yes, I saw it a long ago, as one of my friends asked me to. But then, when I was shooting for this film, I completely forgot all the characters, what they did, their quirks and how they looked in the original. And I consciously didn’t refer to Nazriya’s performance, instead, I did it in my own style. It’s a superb script, and the team hasn’t made any changes or deviated in any form from the original,” says the actress, who insists she was herself on the set of the film. “This is the first time I play a bubbly girl, and it’s like what I am in real life. So, I was the same on the set, too. It the same on the set, too. It was fun to shoot with Arya and Bobby Simhaa, who play my cousins.”

Sri Divya’s first friend on the set was none other than Bobby ,”As he was very fluent in Telugu, we both got along well right from the start. But I was little afraid to communicate with Arya. In one or two days, both Arya and Rana Dagubatti made me feel very comfortable.Especially while shooting for a road sequence in Bangalore, we all had lot of fun. It was not at all like a shoot, as we all travelled in the car like real friends would.” Ask her how it was to pair opposite Rana, who is much taller than her, and she says, “I agree. I was little hesitant, but cinematograph er Guhan was confident that we both will look good onscreen. He said that it will be something new for the audience, and that it will work big time.” Moving away from this particular film, why has she been zeroing in on `homely’ roles? “It’s not that I always wanted to play a homely girl, I’d love to be this modern girl. But then, I am not comfortable with skin-show. Glamour roles don’t suit me, and I feel that the audience, too, doesn’t want to see me in such roles.There are many actress to do those glam roles, but only a few in the industry to essay what you call the homely ones. So, I will never change my track,” avers Sri Divya, adding, “There are many actresses in the industry like Revathy-Jaya PradaSridevi… I wish to be in that league.”

And why is she not being seen in Telugu films? She’s a Telugu girl, after all. “I am busy shooting for three projects in Tamil and as of now, I have no time to sign on another Telugu film. I am shooting for Karthi’s Kashmora, Vishal’s Marudhu and I am also doing a film with Jiiva. I play a village girl again in Marudhu, but I can’t reveal anything about Kashmora,” she says.

Quiz her about her relationship status, she immediately replies, “I am not seeing anyone now. But then, I will definitely fall in love with someone, convince my parents that he is the right one for me, and marry him. That has been my dream from a very young age.