Now a days parents do not take the responsibility for their children and see what the kid in 4 bhk apartments houses does in the early morning. Parents are the back bone for the kids and they should impart every good activities in the homes for their children. We cannot expect the teachers to teach the kids all the morale , good and bad and the parents also take some concern to breed the children in the houses with good manners . The video taken in a 3 bhk apartments house and see how funny things are with the parents and kids . home loan bangalore

Manju married Ram and they had a cool 3 bhk duplex villa homes in the city and it was presented as a marriage gift by their parents . They lead a happy life for 2 years and then planned for a kid and achieved the same successfully . They named him Suraj and he is very cute and mischievous and learns things very quickly. He was well mannered as he lived with the grand parents in their 2 bhk apartments in Velacherry. Soon when he was old enough to go to school, he shifted to his parents duplex villas . home loan bangalore

Manju managed to get a school admission for Suraj but unfortunately, he had to travel 10 kms of distance from his house to the school . Ram and Manju made a decision that in alternate days each would take responsibility for making him ready to the school. But you should see how funny things shape up with the decision they took. To the parent’s surprise Suraj wakes up early by taking the alarm to his room, . He wakes up in his room on time as he had a separate room since it was 3 bhk apartments . home loan bangalore

Surah grooms himself, brushes, takes bath, eats break fast and also takes lunch for the school and you should see the reaction of the parents when they see this scene . home loan bangalore