Tamil Girls Kuthu Dance

Tamil kuthu dance also known as saavu dance it is famous one in Tamilnadu when you hear this kind of music your’s body will automatically started to dance that is Tamil dabankuthu dance

Dappan Koothu (also known as Dappanguthu, or simply koothu) is a folk dance and music genre with an emphasis on percussion performed in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of several popular genres employed in film music, mainly in Tamil cinema and other South films, filmed and produced by people of Tamil culture.

Unlike classical Indian dances such as bharatanatyam or kathakali, koothu is relatively informal in that it has no structured, repeated steps and dancers do not learn through formal dance classes. It shares its emphasis on percussion with older folk dances of Tamil Nadu, such as kummi and kolattam. Tamil Girls Kuthu Dance

A percussion instrument called Tharai thappattai in Tamil, without the jingles, is often used for Dappaankuthu or similar dance forms. Unlike normal tambourines, this requires a wooden stick to play. The urumee drum is also often used. A customised trumpet is also sometimes employed. The rhythm of the Dappan koothu is often signified by a mix of beat patterns layered and flowing into one another. Other percussion instruments may be employed in Dappan koothu.

A similar instrument TamaTe in Kannada resembling a Ganesh tambourine is also being used for such dance forms in border areas such as M.M. Hills. The most-used time signature for dappan koothu songs Tamil Girls Kuthu Dance