Things Girls Do When They Are Too Addicted To Selfies

After the ‘Oscar Selfie’ went viral on the social media, the selfie rage took the world by storm! The latest video is about a selfie-crazy woman who suffers from a compulsive disorder of clicking pictures of herself everywhere, be it at the gym, inside the car, at shopping malls etc. This must-watch video is a laugh-riot!

If you love Selfies, then you’ll absolutely love  new video ‘Every Selfie Addict Girl In The World’.

There was a time when the word ‘Selfie’ was alien, but today the person not knowing it is termed one.

Though Selfies are a big craze, thanks to social media, there are times when this addiction takes precedence over most basic of our daily chores. And this video rightly highlights them, in the most humourous way.

Or may be these girls should try a selfie with Mark Laurence, at least once!

இந்த பெண்ணு பண்ணுற செல்பில உங்களுக்கு செல்பியே பிடிக்கமா போய்டும்.. வீடியோ