Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Dangerous Broiler Chicken Again

Broiler chickens are a strain developed for the consumption of its meat. The major effect to consumers is having a very affordable piece of meat. The side effects are

it’s delicious
easy to prepare
Also, like any food we consume, If it is produced in a manner that is ethical, in a hygienic environment with sound husbandry techniques, then I cannot imagine what other side effects should be expected. It’s only meat, and if eaten as part of a balanced diet after being properly handled and prepared there should be no negative side effects.

On the other hand, if you raise any animal while skimping on nutritious feed, not implementing necessary veterinary oversight, with poor housing then there will be a possibility of producing an inferior product. Inferior products lose money and are therefore unsustainable. Fortunately for the world the broiler industry is there to make money and remain in business.

One can only imagine what would happen to a farmer if at the processing facility his birds were tested positive for growth hormones (which are banned), or residual antibiotic that is present after a disease was treated? He would have the whole batch of thousands of animals destroyed with no compensation to him. There is no insurance for negligence, just as a homeowner cannot willfully burn a house down and expect to collect. That is not sustainable, and that’s why it is not practiced. Contrary to what those on the periphery may assume.

What most consumers don’t know is that a lot of the chicken we eat are produced by contract farmers that grow for larger conglomerates like Tyson and Pilgrims. Together these two have nearly 50% of the US market.

Tyson and Pilgrim have strict production protocols that the contractors must adhere to. They have no incentive to allow their farmers to cut corners and jeopardize their reputations. The farmers, on the other hand, try to remain in good grace with their benefactors (my choice of words) in order to meet their yearly obligations for debt service etc.