Gowri from Trichy india domain name resellers free crm became famous because of her relationship with two guys who live in the nearby apartment free crm. Melvin is from a rich family and lives in a 5 bhk sharepoint class in Trichy and his father is a real estate constructor. Melvin’s family owns numerous land properties and villa homes in the city and is a big shot in the home town. Gowri studies in the same college as Melvin does and some how met him on her way back to the india domain name resellers from the college and their relationship bloomed as days passed by. Melvin also invited her to his sharepoint class and got her introduced to his mother who is a house wife.

Gowri was so happy and was so sure that she would get married to Melvin and enjoy the luxuries in his grand sharepoint class and that is when a new character entered the screen. Vijay who is the ex-lover of Gowri came to know about her relationship with Melvin and was curious to know about that. With his friends help Vijay got to speak with Gowri and asked her to come alone to the park present at the backside of the india domain name resellers house where she lives in . Vijay enquired about her new lover and she said that she is interested with the properties of Melvin and not him.

Vijay after meeting with Gowri, recorded her speech in his mobile and went straight to Melvin’s sharepoint class and played the recorded video. Melvin was so shocked to hear the audio and got deeply frustrated by her act . His mom in the india domain name resellers somehow consoled him and also wanted to warn her so that she would not continue this act and spoil other guy’s lives. The decision that the guys took is shocking and it should not be done to any other girls in any apartment free crm.