UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English


1) In India, English speakers are considered much more intelligent than those who think and speak in regional languages. We tend to think that anyone who can’t speak good English to be of no consequence. We think that Intellectual=Fluency in English. Hindi/Tamil/Telugu=Uneducated UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English

Frankly, first man in India who has brought development on the agenda; Who has spoken of 24/7 Electricity, Education and Roads while our Venal Congress Folks from Harvard & Oxford were still talking about Religion based reservations and other doles.

Education is the inherent ability and sense to act whereas Literacy is merely the ability to put it down on paper. . Dhirubhai Ambani was highly educated, though he was barely literate. People confuse the two qualities.

We can laugh at his accent and make fun of him stumbling over words in English. We can look down on him because he is not able to wax eloquent on English Channels and use words like ‘Dichotomy’ and “Anachronisms”.

But you put this rockstar out in front a 500,000 audience(educated or illiterate, poor or rich, young or old) and he will draw applause at will, charm, mesmerize and them.

So called educated folks may look down on him but make no mistake.

So what if it is in Hindi. Is it a crime to be speak the language of the masses?

Those who have heard him speak know in their heart of hearts, that there are few people who can match up to his wit, vision and humor, that inspires people to travel whole days to come and listen to him. UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English

Is India going to deal with China through Rahul Gandhi? I doubt if there is better person to represent India in a room with sharks like Obama, Putin and/or Nawaz Sharif. He may not impress them with his English, but I am sure he will get our Message across.

On the other hand, We have the Congress Elites Speaking Excellent English. But what is that worth, without nationalism? All they talk about is how poor India is to foreigners and how they need to give doles and free rice. How “they” are giving alms to the “poor”.

But these Congress People don’t get it. Clearly, Communication is not the same thing as Language.

I think, 9/10 people would shudder to see Rahul Gandhi working as a Peon in their Office. Yet they are ambivalent about him running their nation. Why?

There are a lot of highly qualified people in India who speak excellent English but are essentially worthless and good for nothing. Rahul Gandhi and his gang belong to that strata. UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English

**Some Journalists in the Neo-Liberal Indian English Media cannot replace a lightbulb on their own but they still look down on the So called Hindi Speaking un-elites. UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English

**The British controlled India by teaching us to disrespect everything Indian, by teaching us to look down on our culture and heritage and retraining us to look up to them and their products. They made Indians forget, that for the First 16 Centuries, the Indian Subcontinent Controlled a lion share of the World’s GDP.

We still have a lot of people in power amongst us, who talk down to fellow Indians; and just because they are Indian and worship anything Foreign or Elitist.The Hatred against a boy who sold tea on Railway Tracks is a symptom of this deep-rooted Colonial Hangover against anything Indian or from her villages. Why?

I think it is time we boot out these Elitist Congress types from power and have a touch of pride in ourselves, our heritage.

Its time we celebrate the ultimate underdog, who has risen from dirt to primus interpares through sheer merit and courage, the man who will truly represent the will of the republic; the man who will represent India’s billion aspirations. UnEducated Indian Old Man speaking Good English