Vijay Tv Next Attempt

Appa, intha channel oda serials thaanga mudiyavillai… we want to relax and unwind in the evenings after long, hard days, so switch on some Channel (as we used to be regular viewers of Vijay TV, remote automatically switches on this Channel only)…. slumped in front of the TV with no energy to even change, but feeling more and more miserable and angry and cheated while watching it’s serials…. I am a loser I know to watch this channel…. SM & KMKV & DTV – channel must be sued for spreading anti social messages through these serials… in SM, that useless, jobless and drunkard hero expects a beautiful, rich and well educated girl to fall in love with him. Itha paarthuttu oorla irukira porukinga ellam think they deserve such girls… if girls say no, then the abuse, molestation, acid attacks and even murder in daylight happens…. it is serials like this that plant such poisonous seeds in our society’s youth…. other atrocities in this serial has happened too in its previous parts… KMKV and DTV are stupid, illogical serials with foolish characterisation…. sagika mudiyavillai… and in Acham Thavir, they will openly be mean to Senthil and we should believe it itseems…. engala ellam paartha kenainga mathiri irruka? Don’t pull such cheap stunts and try to increase your ratings by creating controversies… vera pozhapae illaiya ungalukku? Itheyellam paarthuttu comment vera podurom paarunga, engala sollanum… emarravan irundha ungala mathiri emathuravanukku kushiya thaan irrukum… Ada chee…

Horrible….The very first time Chithra Devi spoke rightly for justice as otherwise she is the ‘nattamai’ in that house to dictate arrogantly every time. But this was the first time, Chithra said a right thing by telling that Ravi’s conversation against Banumathy as ‘wrong’. Whereas the kizhaviat in that house interfered by telling that Ravi is not wrong like. Is this how a old lady will say and support a wrong thing? Secondly, the small devil is doing a ‘broker’ job now on…and the funny part is that Ram also goes to the bed straight coming from the office w/o even getting freshen up. OMG, the broker(Harini), the small girl has got up so early and doing all non-sense around the bed…by being there…adegapa serial-a idhu..olahathula ethanaiyo serial ellam varudhu…parthirukalam…ana idhu polavum, Saravanan Meenachi Part-III oru third rate serials ellam namba Vijay-tv-la dhan vara mudiyum pola…horrible…such serials are going to certainly bring this channel down only in competition. So Vijay TV, U better be alert….wake up..& try to hold up your established position pls.