What If Girls Behaved Like Boys

In the same sense as “tomboy” you won’t find an equivalent. “Tomboy” is neither insulting nor a diminutive. All the words used for a boy acting “like a girl” are either pejorative or insulting. The words that I came across are “Nancy”, “sissy” or “wimp”. The best you could come across is “effeminate”. What If Girls Behaved Like Boys

Normal. Most boys explore “girly” activities, and should be encouraged to do so. It is only when parents, principally fathers, thwart these activities that boys avoid them. In fact, most preschools set aside time for boys to learn about dress up, playing house, skipping rope, hopscotch, etc. It is healthy for them, adding skills they should use as men.

Non-insulting ways of conveying this idea (granted, tone plays a huge part) include fruity, fancy, and fabulous. But these are also kind of bound to the idea of seeming stereotypically “gay.” But then again, if a heterosexual male interior designer wears belly shirts and booty shorts, he’s probably very much aware that people may think he’s gay and almost certainly doesn’t care. What If Girls Behaved Like Boys

From a girl’s perspective.. we would just find that guy really cute if he is very emotional and sentimenal.
If he wears pink.. and if it suits him.. we would find it very sexy because that would seem like he is totally comfortable in his own skin and does not have to prove others about his “manliness” What If Girls Behaved Like Boys

Agreed, all men do not scratch their armpits or private parts, or dig their noses. All men do not eve tease or all of them don’t steal ‘chai’ from their pals. So, we can say that although the content in the funny video is based on general opinion, it will still make you smile – and cringe – with how close to reality it is!
This video comes after BuzzFeed’s latest video where they have explored What girls think guys talk about, and vice versa. #fame is simply trying to give out the message, “There are certain things that guys do in public which is often rowdy, messy and creepy though they might find it cool, macho or whatever.” What If Girls Behaved Like Boys