What Women do in Local Train Ladies Compartment


I have seen women fighting like cats and dogs in the ladies compartment be it the first class or the second class, although trains are super crowded and everyone struggles to get in but then some ladies purposely are interested in getting into arguments for no reasons. Almost everyday i witness arguments in the train however today a young lady in a crowded karjat train brokw into an argument for no reason.She was standing just ahead of me continuously chatting with her friends and gossiping about office colleagues. After sometime she started to style her hair by putting it up and down with her hands and it came on my face as i was right behind her i stopped her by keeping my hand in a way that next time her hair does not touch my face instead my hand in this moment she just looked at me and instead of apolozising she indirectly commented ike this :

She pretended telling her friend to whom she had been talking that ” Isliye chipakke nahi khade rehne ka jagah chodke khade rehne ka” ( Thats why not to stick while standing and leave space), this she told to her friend so i did not respond as i knew purposely she wanted to get into an argument with me for God knows what reason.

After some more time when i was tired hold the handle up and stood with my hands crossed with full balance and not even touching her she again tried to get bitchy by saying hold and stand. I really couldn’t understand this as i was hardly even touching her in the crowded train and i replied ” I am not even touching you why are trying to fight early morning” and she said “you hold and stand i am getting pressure” i felt ” This women is just too crazy” i remembered the way she was gossiping before about her colleagues, i felt it is pointless to get into more arguments and just got hold a something before the situation could turn into a fight as i realized she had her full group and i was alone.

After this ended she again tried to harrass me by passing some comments indirectly, again talking to her friends.

I just ignored her as i knew she was purposely doing this.

After all this i was just thinking why such people behave abnormal and harm others ???

And they would be doing so everyday with others passengers, what do they gain ??

I have encountered women like these even before and one thing i have learned is that when you get involved , they will only harass you by speaking utter bullshit so its always better to stay away and let God take care of them !