Whats Girls DO when They are Alone at Home

it might be hard to believe, but girls are actually incredibly gross creatures. Yeah, we know how to turn our hair from a rat’s nest into a bombshell blowout, and we can wear the shit out of a bodycon, but when we’re alone, all bets are off. We get to be gross, lazy, bizarre humans because no one is there to judge us. It’s not weird if no one saw you do it, right? Right. Here’s a few of the strangest things girls do when no one’s looking Whats Girls DO when They are Alone at Home

I am going to be straight with you. Girls are nasty! Probably even nastier than guys. You see them on the street, malls, restaurant etc, looking chic and well put together and you wonder if these beautiful creatures ever did anything nasty in their entire life. Whats Girls DO when They are Alone at Home

We hate to break it to you but guys are not the only one guilty of gross and nasty habits. You see that leggings that cute girl is wearing? errm…she has probably worn it for about a week without wash.

Ladies, if you do weird-ass sh*t when you’re home alone, you’re not alone.

I’ve polled 19 women to prove it.

If you think you’re a total weirdo when home alone, you’re going to feel a lot better after reading this.

There are women out there who do much more bizarre things than you when no one’s watching.

It’s obvious to me now why so many women go on less dates than they could, and stay in on Friday nights.

They obviously don’t mind staying single because they love doing this freaky stuff when no one’s around.

It’s also becoming understandable why so many of us can’t have roommates.

Whats Girls DO when They are Alone at Home

To save money on rent by having a roommate (or a boyfriend), many of us would have to give up our secret single behavior.

“Secret Single Behavior” was coined on “Sex and the City,” in reference to single women who do strange stuff when they’re home alone.

We’re about to reveal the truth behind this awesome and hilarious phenomenon.

The women I’ve polled are between the ages of 22 and 32, and they seem totally normal.

I’ve polled an elementary school teacher, a restaurant manager, a real estate agent, five students, two writers, a photographer, a laser technician, two executive assistants, a radio host, a physiotherapist, a bartender, a personal trainer and a lawyer.

Out of the 19 women I polled, only one claimed she never does anything weird when she’s alone.

(I’m pretty sure she’s a liar.)

The rest of the group immediately confessed to some shockingly weird stuff.

I have, of course, used pseudonyms to protect the identity of these weirdos. Whats Girls DO when They are Alone at Home