Woman Giving Milk To Goat Baby

‘Mother’ is the most important person in everyone’s life. One of the unique gifts given by God and most Precious in the World. Mother is the embodiment of Sacrifice and Love. Her ageless love and care cannot be exemplified.

A Mother’s love for her child is equal to nothing in this world. ‘Mother’s Day’ is a special day celebrated to honor Mothers, paying tribute to Motherhood and showing reverence to Mothers.

A Woman proved the real meaning of Mother and Mother’s love by giving Milk to ‘Goat Baby’ at Nalgonda district.

The term sharing is caring has taken a new dimension in Kitgum district where a lactating mother has taken on the responsibility of breast feeding orphaned kids whose mother passed away soon after they were born. The mother says she was forced to feed the baby goats with her breast milk because she does not have money to buy them milk.
The two goats now have to fight for her breasts with her toddler child, a one and a half year old baby, who is also breast feeding.

\’Mother\’ is the most important person in everyone\’s life. One of the unique gifts given by God.