Twenty-six-year-old Seema Sharma was trying to board a local New Delhi-Panipat train around 8-30 a.m. when the mishap took place “She tried to board a running train, slipped and was stuck between the footboard and the platform,” said a railway official. The woman was dragged some distance before the train came to a halt.

Incredible video footage from and Indiana Railroad locomotive shows the women lying down in the middle of the tracks. The train, which has a mere ten inches of clearance above the railroad ties, miraculously passed harmlessly over top of them.

After the train finally stopped, both women stood up and ran away. One of the women shouted at the engineer that she had a stubbed toe, Indiana Railroad spokesman Eric Powell told MailOnline. WOMAN TRAPPED IN RUNNING TRAIN

Hearing her screams, bystanders raised an alarm. An ambulance was also called in. Divisional Railway Manager Ashwani Lohani said: “A doctor from our nearest dispensary and an ambulance reached the station within 10 minutes. The rescue team broke the platform and pulled out the victim within 25 minutes and by 9 a.m. she was rushed to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital,” said Mr. Lohani. WOMAN TRAPPED IN RUNNING TRAIN

Although the railway staff had a gas-cutter, they did not use it as it could have burnt the victim.

The woman later succumbed to her injuries. Enquiries by the police revealed that she lived at Kishan Ganj along with her husband Vikas, a son and a daughter. She was an Anganwari worker posted at Khera Kalan and usually travelled by train. On Tuesday morning, her husband had dropped her at the railway station. He is a contractual worker. WOMAN TRAPPED IN RUNNING TRAIN

Security cameras captured the horrifying moment a woman died after she was sucked under a moving train as it pulled into a platform.

Kiran Devi Thakor was dragged on to the tracks after she lost her balance while trying to disembark the train before it had completely stopped at Borivali railway station, in Mumbai, India.
A man desperately tried to save her as she slowly slipped into the gap between the train and the platform but within moments she had fallen beneath the carriage. WOMAN TRAPPED IN RUNNING TRAIN